Nuts and bolts exploit

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Nuts and bolts exploit

Postby haydxn » Thu Aug 27, 2015 2:01 pm

Was half tempted to post this under 'tips and tricks' forum, but figured it was morally more apt here ;)

If you have the nuts and bolts upgrade, the auto-repair is triggered upon entering crash's pre-mission shop. If you then back out to the briefing room and return to the title screen, the game saves your health post-repair, but it looks like it doesn't save the fact that the repair has been applied. If you then 'resume' from the title screen, you will be given another repair when you re-enter the pre-mission shop. You can keep doing this until you're good as new :)

obviously I feel pretty bad for discovering this by accident just before my first attempt at 3-5... I would never have managed it on my 2 legit hp! I don't deserve my victory ;)

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