ANY solution for the level transition bug? (at all?)

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ANY solution for the level transition bug? (at all?)

Postby AppleTux » Sun Dec 27, 2015 9:01 am

Hi there,

so I now stop playing this game altogether as it is impossible to progress beyond season 4.
I lost all progress within season 4 (at 4-4 and three times at 4-3) because of the level transition bug - I finish the level, screen goes black and that's it. I'll have to exit out of the game, which the game graciously rewards with the interpretation that I quitted and bumps me down to the beginning of the season again.

So is there any solution on the horizon for this? If not I just delete the game because in this state, honestly, playing becomes a waste of time...

Either that or remove the "feature" that you loose everything during a season when you quit out of the level...

It is really a fun game (thats why I went back to it despite the crashes) but at this point - I simply give up.
(still on 1.03 as the European PSN has no newer patch).

Best regards

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