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Cant touch this is unobtainable again? EU version

Posted: Sat Jun 24, 2017 11:58 am
by Yoszek

I just got this game and really wanted to get it to 100%. Heard that this trophy had issuess but they were fixed. As of now June 2017 i cant get this trophy on my EU version of the game.
I did even attempts where i did not touched a single wall/object. Still no trophy.
Is it broken?If it is,is there any hope for fix?
And did anyone had similiar problem,who tried this recently?
I could really use some help coz im completely out of ideas what now.,..


To be absolutely sure i did:
-finished 1 mission without getting hit
-finished it again without touching anything-walls/flowers/carcases etc
-finished entire first season without getting hit
-finished first mission in rouge and arcade without getting hit
-deleted and redownloaded game,deleted saves and data and then finished a mission without getting hit in arcade and rogue
-played first mission on different profile offline
-played on ps4 pro and ps4

All this have never ever given me this trophy. Is there anything else i could try?