Game crashing to dashboard - Making me start over

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Game crashing to dashboard - Making me start over

Postby Plagueoftruth » Mon Aug 17, 2015 4:35 pm

I absolutely adore this game but it has suddenly crashed to the dashboard three times on me. I am playing on PS4. It always happens during an in-level cut scene.

The first two times it happened it wasn't that bad as it happened after I had finished a level and so it gave me a save in between the levels but yesterday was the worst. I was having a really good run with lots of crash coins and was in the cut scene before White Tusk and the it happened again. But since I "quit" during a mission, it erased all progress.

I understand why you don't allow people to keep checkpoints if they quit in a level as to discourage people from restarting levels. The challenge in this game is one of the reasons I love it so much. But this is a fatal flaw. I don't even want to play it right now as I'm afraid that will happen on later episodes.

If it helps you troubleshoot, I was also streaming on Twitch through my PS4 at the time. It always happens during a cut scene.

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