What's your ideal laser setup?

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What's your ideal laser setup?

Postby 2Tricky » Sun Aug 30, 2015 11:18 pm

I'm just trying to see what other people use.

I use: Assault Muzzle -> Huge Blast -> Auto Fire -> Plasma Core -> Pierce Shot (if I'm fighting in the old ship looking area then I'll use Bounce Shot)

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Re: What's your ideal laser setup?

Postby Cenon » Sat Nov 07, 2015 5:56 am


Sniper Muzzle -> twin lasers -> clip fire -> ice core -> bouncing lasers

The point of the build is that both sniper muzzle and twin lasers have slower fire rate, but it doesnt matter with clip fire since you can button smash the clip empty in a second. That way you get to unleash huge amount of accurate, high velocity, double boosted damage so quickly that you can kill a small/medium enemy in one burst.

I chose ice instead of fire since the fire damage over time (dot) is so slow and tiny and doesnt stack. With the clipfire volley you are quite sure to freeze the enemy, and its always good thing to disable your enemy.

Bouncy lasers offer a very good tactical advantage on close quarters battle and keeps being useful in many situations. If the game would throw more weak but numerous enemies, piercing shots would be justifiable, but now its preferable to fight only 1-2 at a time to minimize the risks, so no.

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