Critical Issues after "The Void" update. EDIT: [Possible fix]

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Critical Issues after "The Void" update. EDIT: [Possible fix]

Postby BeamRulez » Sat Oct 08, 2016 12:03 pm

Hi guys!

I’m from Portugal (Europe) and yesterday installed the newly released The Void update. Unfortunately this update managed to introduce some serious issues to the game flow. Please read:

1.) Low rate of fire
The ship’s primary weapon rate of fire became really really low (making the Ship Mode almost inoffensive even against weaker enemies). I tried to surpass this by upgrading but there’s definitely something really weird going on with the auto-fire function. Please check the following video, as you can see there’s a noticeable delay between shots even when equipped with rapid-fire components:

2.) Aggressive persistent Input-lock
Ok, this one is really frustrating. I noticed this many times during minor encounters but this is especially noticeable when fighting against White Tusk. So much that I couldn’t defeat it because I was constantly bouncing uncontrolled across the background.
The player movement remains locked for a few seconds, every function works except locomotion. Sometimes the player position remains stationary but other times the ship/mech is dragged away and there’s nothing you can do (I died a couple of times because couldn’t avoid go beyond bounds). Here’s a video compilation to illustrate this issue:

Additional info:

Deleted and reinstalled the game twice but the issues remains.

Game’s running on a PS4 with the latest firmware.

Before the “The Void” update I never noticed any issues, the game performance was solid enough and managed to replay many times all 4 seasons without noticeable problems. Unfortunately after the update the game can be unplayable at times. :cry:


Hopefully this feedback helps the team to pinpoint the issues and create a patch. Usually I don’t care about this stuff and move on but I truly believe in this game, it’s a really well-thought and original shoot’em-up, it deserves to be enjoyed in a better shape.

Btw, you guys should make a Gundam game. :D

Thanks for your consideration (and Sorry about my English). Cheers!
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Re: Critical Issues after "The Void" update. Please Read!

Postby BeamRulez » Mon Oct 10, 2016 8:43 am

Hi folks! :D

After fooling around I managed to find a temporary fix for the above issues. This also solves the problem of sleepy/inactive enemies that some people are experiencing.

It’s actually pretty simple: I changed the PS4 system language from Portuguese to English US.

So, if you are from Europe and experiencing weird stuff after The Void update, try to change your PS4 native language to English US. I don’t know if this solves all the issues introduced by The Void, but at least in my case makes the game playable again. Give it a shot! ;)

I hope this new info can help the team and other players.

Cheers! (and again, sorry about my English)

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